Accessory Perfelli carbon filter Art. 0025


Accessory Perfelli carbon filter Art. 0046

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Diameter 140 mm. In the kit - 1 pc., Required for installation - 1 pc. Suitable for models K 6212 C 650 LED, TL 6212 C 650 LED, TL 6202 C 650 LED, TL 5212 C 650 LED

Accessory Perfelli carbon filter Art. 0025


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carbon filter for hoods, cassette, dimensions: 230x280 mm, suitable for model T 610, K 615, G 6110, G 6341.

The charcoal filter is not just a useful thing for a kitchen hood, it is an indispensable attribute in the kitchen. After all, all odors and smoke after cooking can be harmful to your health. That is why we offer modern charcoal filters for hoods, taking care of your well-being. They quickly and gently remove all odors, filling the room with lightness and freshness. We also recommend replacing the carbon filters after 3-6 months of use (depending on the frequency of use of the hood).


Data sheet

Activated carbon
For a series of hoods Perfelli
T 6651. K 615 RETRO. G 6341
Dimensions. cm
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