Accessory Perfelli Cutting board 25*40 cm Art.0710071


Cast-iron flat frying pan Perfelli 6459 grill 32x22 cm.

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Cast iron flat pan Grill Perfelli 32x22 cm. Rectangular flat shape. Material - cast iron. Color is black. It has two notches for draining oil and excess liquid. Designed for cooking on all types of plates. Weight - 1.65 kg. Bottom thickness - 4.5 mm. Board thickness - 3 mm. Volume - 0.32 l. ...

Accessory Perfelli Cutting board 25*40 cm Art.0710071


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Branded cutting board with gutter, material: oak tree, shape: rectangular, dimensions: 25 * 40 cm, thickness: 2 cm, color: brown.

Cutting board - the main elements of kitchen utensils for cutting animal products or slicing products. To date, no housewife can do without it. Of course, many prefer to buy plastic boards, but they are impractical and short-lived, unlike wooden. Wooden will last for many years and with proper care will remain the same appearance. Therefore, most housewives prefer to buy wooden boards. They can serve a dish, and they are more environmentally friendly. Serving the dish on a wooden board will add extra zest to a juicy grilled steak in a combination of baked potatoes or delicately sliced ​​cheese with fruit and honey. Choosing a cutting board of Perfelli Art.0710071 you receive good quality and unsurpassed style!


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