Cast-iron grill pan Perfelli 5680 26h42 cm.


Cast-iron frying pan with a portable handle Perfelli 5691 33x22 cm.

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Cast-iron pan with a portable handle Perfelli 33x22 cm. The shape is rectangular. The material is cast iron. Black colour. It has two notches for draining oil and excess liquid. Designed for cooking on all types of stoves and use in the oven. Weight 2.9 kg. Bottom thickness - 4.5 mm. Board ...

Cast-iron grill pan Perfelli 5680 26h42 cm.



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Baking grill Perfelli 26x42 cm. Shape - flat. Material - cast iron. Black colour. Designed for cooking on an open fire, another source of heat. It has two surfaces - grill and smooth, which can be used to choose from. Weight - 4.6 kg. Bottom thickness - 4.5 mm. Handles one-piece with the case. For 7-8 servings. Can not be washed in the dishwasher.

The incredibly durable flat cast iron grill pan Perfelli 5680 with a size of 26х42 cm is suitable for frying both your favorite steak and a variety of grilled vegetables. It has a spout for draining oil and excess liquid, as well as handles that are integral with the body, which will contribute to the perfect preparation of a dish without much difficulty. It can be used on all types of stoves. Caring for the pan is quite simple - you need to wait until the pan cools down and wash it under warm or hot water without using aggressive abrasive detergents (Do not wash in a dishwasher!). After it dries, you can treat the pan with a little vegetable oil. So it will last much longer and food will not stick to it during cooking.

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