Cast-iron flat frying pan Perfelli 6459 grill 32x22 cm.


Cast-iron grill pan Perfelli 5680 26h42 cm.

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Baking grill Perfelli 26x42 cm. Shape - flat. Material - cast iron. Black colour. Designed for cooking on an open fire, another source of heat. It has two surfaces - grill and smooth, which can be used to choose from. Weight - 4.6 kg. Bottom thickness - 4.5 mm. Handles one-piece with the ...

Cast-iron flat frying pan Perfelli 6459 grill 32x22 cm.


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Cast iron flat pan Grill Perfelli 32x22 cm. Rectangular flat shape. Material - cast iron. Color is black. It has two notches for draining oil and excess liquid. Designed for cooking on all types of plates. Weight - 1.65 kg. Bottom thickness - 4.5 mm. Board thickness - 3 mm. Volume - 0.32 l. The handle is integral with the body. For 4-5 servings. Can not be washed in the dishwasher.

The incredibly durable flat rectangular cast iron grill pan Perfelli 6459 with a size of 32x22 cm is suitable for frying both your favorite steak and a variety of grilled vegetables. It has a spout for draining oil and excess liquid, as well as handles that are integral with the body, which will contribute to the perfect preparation of a dish without much difficulty. It can be used on all types of stoves. Caring for the pan is quite simple - you need to wait until the pan cools down and wash it under warm or hot water without using aggressive abrasive detergents (Do not wash in a dishwasher!). After it dries, you can treat the pan with a little vegetable oil. So it will last much longer and food will not stick to it during cooking.

Internal non-stick coating
Can be washed in the dishwasher
There is a spout for removing oil and excess fluid.
Type of fastening of the handle
Solid with body
Bottom thickness
External non-stick coating
Use in microwave
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