Gas Surface Domino On Metal Perfelli HGM 31414 BL


Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 610 BL

Price UAH2,399.00

Gas cooking surface, color-black, width 60cm, 4 Gas cooking surfaces SABAF, electric ignition in the control knobs, enamel grills, frontal control panel

Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 61220 WH

Price UAH3,099.00

Gas cooking surface, color - white, material - painted enamel, width 58cm, 4 gas burners SABAF, WOK burner, electric ignition in the control knobs, cast iron grills, front control panel, adapters (jets) to the cylinder gas

Gas Surface Domino On Metal Perfelli HGM 31414 BL


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Gas hob, color black, material - enameled metal, width 29 cm, number of gas burners - 2, gas control, electric ignition in the control knobs, enameled grille, front control panel, adapters (jets) for cylinder gas.

Main characteristics

The built-in oven Minola OE 61063 BL is designed to delight its owner with delicious dishes. Its standard size of 60 cm fits perfectly into a kitchen set. For comfortable operation, the oven is equipped with a timer and backlight.


Stylish appearance will delight even the most fastidious client with its aesthetics. The control panel is equipped with recessed handles, which are hidden in the body after using the oven and thereby achieve the effect of a flat surface. Around the control knobs there is information about functions and temperature, and in the center there is a timer, which emits a sound signal upon completion of work. The body is covered with black tempered glass, due to its appearance, the oven will perfectly fit into a modern interior.

Package and functionality

The Minola OE 61063 BL oven is equipped with 10 different functions. In it you can easily defrost food, grill food. By convection, the heated air circulates inside the oven and contributes to the even cooking of food from all sides.

The kit includes:

• 1 deep baking sheet

• 1 oven rack

The EasyClean cleaning system will be a real boon for every housewife. The inner walls of the oven are covered with a special easy-to-clean enamel. It can be cleaned by placing water and detergent in the lower part of the oven and turning on the oven for a while. Due to heat treatment with hot steam, all contaminants will lag behind the walls, respectively, the surface can be easily cleaned with a rag.

Surface type
Surface material
Enameled metal
Width, cm
Grating Material
Enameled metal
Control Panel Location
Automatic electric ignition
✓, in the handles
Security system (gas control)
WOK burner
Front burner
1 kW (55 mm)
Rear burner
2.9 kW
Power connection, W
Network connection
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Gas type
Country of Manufacture
Instruction. Warranty card. Microfiche. Mounting kit. Fork
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD), cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD), cm
Warranty, month
Availability of euro plug
Plug and Cook
Balloon gas adapter
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