Gas surface on glass Perfelli design HGV 6440 NERO Venere


Gas Surface On Glass Perfelli HGG 31443 IV

Price UAH2,499.00

Cooking surface "gas on glass", beige color, 30cm width, 2 SABAF gas burners, gas control, electric firing in control knobs, octagonal cast iron grills, frontal control panel, heat-resistant control knobs, beveled edges, dividers - 3 mm , adapters (jets) on balloon gas (Made in France).

Gas Surface On Glass Perfelli HGG 61614 BL

Price UAH0.00

Hob "gas on glass", color - black glass, width 61cm, 4 gas burners, gas control, WOK burner, electric ignition in the control knobs, enameled lattices, front control panel, adapters (jets) for balloon gas

Gas Surface On Glass Perfelli HGG 61143 BL

Price UAH3,299.00

Cooking surface "gas on glass", color-black, width 60cm, 4 gas burners SABAF, electric ignition in control knobs, octagonal cast-iron grills, side control panel, control knobs of heat-resistant material, beveled edges, dividers - 3 mm, adapters (adapters) ) on ballon gas (Made in France).

Gas surface on glass Perfelli design HGV 6440 NERO Venere



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MADE IN ITALY !!! Glass-ceramic gas surface, color-black, 61cm., 4 gas burners (4kW, 2,8kW, 1,75kW, 1kW), WOK burner with triple flame row DEFENDI-4kW, electric ignition, gas control, cast-iron grilles, Wok adapter , coffee adapter, front control panel

All the necessary functionality of the HGV 6440 NERO Venere is assembled in one surface. WOK hob for cooking oriental dishes, high-speed, half-speed and auxiliary hotplates of the premium quality leader DEFENDI - everything to achieve the perfect flavors of your favorite dishes.

Each heating zone is protected by high-strength cast iron grates.

All Perfelli Design WOK burners are equipped with a special adapter for WOK cookware and a unique coffee adapter that allows you not only to make coffee in a cezve, but to brew it in a real Italian Macchinetta to prepare an authentic Italian espresso.

The design of HGV 6440 NERO Venere is universal - in any interior solution it will look like an integral element of a home idyll, while retaining the functionality of professional equipment.


Data sheet

Surface type
Surface material
Glass ceramics
Width, cm
Grating Material
Cast iron
Control Panel Location
Automatic electric ignition
Automatic (in the handle)
Security system (gas control)
WOK burner
Triple Flame Burner
Type of heating elements/burners
Front right burner
4 kW
Front left burner
2.8 kW
Rear right burner
1.75 kW
Rear left burner
1 kW
Network connection
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Gas type
Country of Manufacture
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD), cm
Warranty, month
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