The Perfelli brand appeared in 2014 and took one of the leading positions on the Ukrainian market of bit-by-bit technology. Innovative solutions in the segment of industrial by-beat technology, innovative integration of design ideas in the skin model, good and modern technology of production, vitality of the technological culture of food - the whole technological culture of food


Our kitchen technology is a superb companion and an intelligent assistant in your everyday culinary experiments. Our models have all the necessary functionality, which is so required in your kitchen for cooking food with ease and satisfaction in the process.


The magnetism of the authenticity of the vicious decline, attracts a look with its own aesthetic aesthetics, and the inner resembles the enemy with its ultra-functional.


Technics Perfelli is a gallery of achievements in the master of harmony: the apiority of the components and the collection, the transformation of the hour of the leader of the light industry, the modern technology and the miracles of the design solution.


Self-sufficient, and at the same time, harmoniously inspired, the Perfelli technique, by its own way, opens up the expanse of a clean canvas and proposes speedily with all the palate of savor to create a true masterpiece.



There is a wide range of technological annexes, which maximally meet the needs of our customers.


Our products are circulated at high-tech European factories and meet the requirements of the EU standards.


We are the first to innovate flagships, which will help you to settle down with the troubles of our koristuvachiv.


Our kitchen is equipped with an aesthetic addiction and also more economically and conveniently the kitchen space.


The staff of the simplicity of management and multifunctionality of our kitchen appliances, and you can raise your level of culture to the rank of mystery.




Each Perfelli model is inspiration from Italy and your comfort in the space of creating taste and favorite culinary masterpieces.





The ringing air, refinement in a magical combination with passion, strength and power - this is all Italy.

And if there is a brand mentioning her name, then only in order to glorify the greatest legacy of fine taste and inimitable style. The Perfelli brand was created to bring this heritage through the inspiration of owning a technique that reflects the magnificence of the centuries-old culture.


The graceful curves of the plains, flooded by the sun of Tuscany are the silhouette lines of each model. The saturation of the color of maturity of the harvest of fertile land is in the color palette. Music that can be heard even in silence - in unique insights for the special line Perfelli Design.


Perfelli & Perfelli design — is a palette of great taste - GRANDE GUSTO GAMMA.


Inspiration Italy.


Your inspiration.






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