Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC


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Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC


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Fully built-in hood, motor power 90W (DC silent), width - 600 mm. The hood color is white. Hood material - painted metal, front panel - tempered glass. Touch control. 4 speeds. 1 motor. Lighting 1x8 W. LED STRIP. Aluminum filter with stainless perforation. Discharge / Recirculation. Noise level 41-66 dB.

Main characteristics

The Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC fully recessed cooker hood is the perfect combination of performance and stylish design. The main advantage of this model is the presence of a silent DC motor, which perfectly copes with its main task, while the noise level averages only 41 dB. Thanks to the new development, you can enjoy the silence when you cook. The extraction capacity is 1100 m3 / h.

This hood can operate in two modes:

1) Air extraction mode.
2) Recirculation mode.

The hood is equipped with an aluminum filter with stainless perforation.


Compact hood Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC is made in white. It combines two main materials: the front panel is made of tempered glass, and the body is made of painted metal. The hood is designed in such a way that after correct installation in the lower part of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinet, the main structural elements become invisible to the eye. Accordingly, it copes with its task of cleaning the air without attracting too much attention. Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC has a standard width of 60 cm, which is designed to work with surfaces of similar dimensions.

Lighting and speed

There are 4 different speeds available in this hood, the choice of which depends on the intensity of the air pollution. The lowest speed is activated when one or two hob burners are working, but if the cooking process becomes more intense, the maximum speed 4 will help to quickly eliminate soot, fumes and unpleasant odors. The lighting is represented by 1 8 W LED lamp, which is an additional source of light in your kitchen and makes your work process more comfortable.

Type of hood
Fully built-in
Type of installation
Built in
Width, cm
Control type
Touch (slider)
Facade / decoration material
Strained glass
LED Strip 1х8 W
Grease filter
Aluminum filter with stainless perforation
Number of speeds
Operation mode
Air exhaust / recirculation
Maximum performance, m³/h — (with free air outlet)

Maximum performance

(with free air outlet) - the indicator is calculated without taking into account the connection of the device to the duct, the length / material / diameter of the duct and in the absence of corrugation and box.

Noise level, dB
The diameter of the hole of the duct, cm
Fireproof Motor Cover
Network connection
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Country of Manufacture
Manual, warranty card, installation kit, energy card, microfiche, check valve
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD), cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD), cm
Warranty, month
Body material
Painted metal
Motor power, W
90 W DC
Plug and Cook
Check valve
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