Home Appliances Perfelli - Italian Quality In Your Kitchen!


Household appliances Perfelli - Italian quality in your kitchen!

Aesthetic design, reliability and durability are what Perfelli cooking surfaces are known for. They will become a reliable homework assistant and a stylish complement Your interior! Comfort and pleasure at every touch.

Perfelli extracts - a gallery of achievements in the art of harmony: high quality of components, time-tested leaders of the world production, modern technologies, excellent design decisions. Curved, glass, with a variety of styling choices, a huge selection of colors, perfect lines and functionality. Perfelli hoods have everything you need to create a modern interior.

The Perfelli range of ovens consists of contemporary and classic design creations. The contemporary design of the electric oven will surely give your kitchen a stylish look and minimalism, and the retro design will remind you of the elegance and sophistication of yesteryear. Perfelli kitchen appliances will add spice to your dishes!

Perfelli sinks have a variety of sizes and configurations. This ensures their harmonious integration into any interior and allows you to make the optimum choice based on the individual tastes of the buyer. Models come with one or two main bowls, with accessories; with large and small relief or flat wings for drying and storage of dishes, and without them.

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Hood telescopic Perfelli TL 5611 A 1000 I

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Telescopic hood, power: 1000 m3 / h. Width 500 mm. color - stainless steel. A slider mechanical control. 3 speeds. Lighting: halogen 2x35 watts. Aluminum filter. Operating modes: Exhaust / recycling. Noise level: 61 dB. Optional Carbon Filter Art. 0030 (2 pieces).

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Under the brand name Perfelli produced various household appliances.

The most popular products of the brand are kitchen hoods, hobs and ovens. The Italian company supplies the market with special equipment - multifunctional, ultrafashionable and very convenient. Products are distinguished by their elegance from similar products from other manufacturers. In the production process of kitchen equipment, only high-quality materials are used - thoroughly processed metal, tempered glass, natural wood, and decorative plastic of special strength. Comfort and clean air in the kitchen will be provided to you. The necessity and value of such devices is hard to overestimate, because extraneous odors and evaporation of liquids will not add to your comfort. A wide range of products presented in styles ranging from minimalism to retro, allows each customer to purchase appliances that emphasize the features of his kitchen. Wall, corner, island and dome models are presented. Style decisions will satisfy even the most fastidious client. Household appliances Perfelli is easily integrated into the kitchen space and allows you to comfortably realize your culinary talents. Embedded technology looks more aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Brand products are popular and stable in demand in the domestic market. Their quality is not worse than that of competitors, and the prices are much more pleasant than those of other well-known manufacturers. Chic design Perfelli technology will not leave you indifferent. Brand Perfelli


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