Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 61694 WH


Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 614 BL

Price UAH4,724.00

Gas cooking surface, color-black enamel, width 60cm, 4 gas burners SABAF, electric ignition in control knobs, gas control, cast-iron grills, WOK burner, WOK adapter, coffee adapter, front control panel

Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 310 I

Price UAH1,748.00

Gas cooking surface, color-stainless., 30cm wide, 2 Gas cooking surfaces SABAF, electric firing in the control knobs, enamel grills, frontal control panel

Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 61220 I

Price UAH3,199.00

Gas cooking surface, color - steel, material - AISI 304 stainless steel, width 58cm, 4 gas burners SABAF, WOK burner, electric ignition in control knobs, cast iron grills, frontal control panel, adapters (jets) to cylinder gas

Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli design HGM 7540 INOX SLIM LINE

Price UAH7,899.00

MADE IN ITALY !!! Gas surface, color stainless steel, 75cm., 5 gas stoves DEFENDI (4kW, 3kW, 1.75kW, 1.75kW, 1kW), electric ignition, gas control, cast iron grills, Wok burner, Wok adapter, coffee adapter front control panel

Gas Surface On Metal Perfelli HGM 61694 WH


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Gas hob, color white, material - enamelled metal, width 60cm, number of gas burners - 4, electric ignition in control knobs, gas control, WOK burner, cast iron grilles, frontal control panel, balloon gas adapter.

The Perfelli HGM 61694 gas hob is an ideal balance of quality components and functionality. The surface material is made of enamelled metal. The hob is equipped with four gas burners: one WOK with a powerful one - 3.8 kW, two with a medium power and one auxiliary.

The device is equipped with an electric ignition function in the control knobs, a gas control safety system, and a WOK burner - for your convenience in cooking. The ergonomic arrangement of the burners provides additional comfort when using multiple zones at the same time.

Also, a big plus will be durable and deformation-resistant cast iron gratings in the amount of two pieces. They are easy to remove and clean.

Surface type
Width. cm
Type of heating elements/burners
Surface material
Enameled metal
Grating Material
Cast iron
Control Panel Location
Front right burner
1 kW
Front left burner
WOK 3.8 kW
Rear right burner
2 kW
Rear left burner
2 kW
WOK burner
Network connection
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Gas type
-ballonny gas
E. Ignition
In the handle
Gas control
Power connection. W
Instructions. Warranty Card. Mounting Kit. Plug. Gas Adapter, microfiche
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD). cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD). cm
Net weight. kg
Gross weight. kg
Country of Manufacture
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