Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BI 6011 A 550 I


Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BISP 9973 A 1250 IV LED Strip

Price UAH12,999.00

Built-in hood, power: 1250 m3 / h. Width: 900 mm. color - beige (facade - glass). Touch control. 4 speeds. Display. 15 minutes timer Remote control. Lighting: LED strip 10 watts. Aluminum filter (8 layers). Operating modes: Exhaust / recycling. Noise level: 67 dB. Italian motor.

Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BI 6111 I

Price UAH2,089.00

Built-in hood, power: 550 m3 / h. Width: 600 mm. color - stainless steel. Mechanical push-button control. 3 speeds. Lighting: halogen 2x20 watts. Aluminum filter Art.0020 (the required amount in the hood is 1pc.). Operating modes: Exhaust / recycling. Noise level: 52 dB. Optional Carbon ...

Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BSL 6783 WH 1100 DC

Price UAH0.00

Fully built-in hood, motor power 90W (DC silent), width - 600 mm. The hood color is white. Hood material - painted metal, front panel - tempered glass. Touch control. 4 speeds. 1 motor. Lighting 1x8 W. LED STRIP. Aluminum filter with stainless perforation. Discharge / Recirculation. Noise ...

Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BI 6011 A 550 I



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Built-in hood, power: 550 m3 / h. Width: 600 mm. color - stainless steel. Mechanical push-button control. 3 speeds. Lighting: halogen 2x35 watts. Aluminum filter. Operating modes: Exhaust / recycling. Noise level: 61 dB. Optional Carbon Filter Art. 0031 (1 pc.).

Stylish appearance and practicality of using the Perfelli BI 6011 A 550 hood are the main two criteria when choosing it. It is easily and quickly installed in a niche and performs its main functions perfectly. The maximum exhaust capacity with free air outlet is 550 m3 / h. The control panel is located on the front of the instrument. It consists of five mechanical buttons that include fan speed changeover and other control functions. The hood lighting consists of two 35 W halogen lamps. The cooker hood is equipped with a practical aluminum filter that can be easily and easily washed in warm soapy water. The hood can operate in the air extraction and recirculation mode *.

* In recirculation mode, this model can only work if the carbon filter is installed. The charcoal filter must be purchased separately from the device. There may not be a suitable filter in our product line, but it will be available from other manufacturers.

Type of hood
Fully built-in
Stainless steel
Width. cm
Type of installation
Built in
Maximum performance. m³/h — (with free air outlet)

Maximum performance

(with free air outlet) - the indicator is calculated without taking into account the connection of the device to the duct, the length / material / diameter of the duct and in the absence of corrugation and box.

Capacity at IEC point, m3/h


(under typical operating conditions) - the indicator is measured when connected to a hood (with filter and adapter flange) with an air duct of about 2 meters with two bends at 90 degrees, which simulates the real working conditions of the hood, plus creating a resistance of 15 Pa to determine minimum efficiency.

Number of motors/Motor power. W
1 / 85
Number of speeds
Operation mode
Air exhaust / recirculation
Noise level. dB
The diameter of the hole of the duct. cm
halogen 2x35 W
Grease filter
Fireproof Motor Cover
Optional carbon filter Art.
Mechanical push button
Network connection
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Instructions. Warranty card. Vent valve. Mounting kit. Grease filter Aluminum (3 layers), cord with plug
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD). cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD). cm
64 х 24.5 х 36.5
Net weight. kg
Gross weight. kg
Energy efficiency class
12 months
Country of Manufacture
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