Accessory Perfelli alumin. filter Art. 0017


Accessory Perfelli carbon filter Art. 0046

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Diameter 140 mm. In the kit - 1 pc., Required for installation - 1 pc. Suitable for models K 6212 C 650 LED, TL 6212 C 650 LED, TL 6202 C 650 LED, TL 5212 C 650 LED

Accessory Perfelli alumin. filter Art. 0017


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Aluminum filter for hoods, dimensions: 196x465x9 mm, net weight: 0.15 kg, gross weight: 0.18 kg, suitable for models: TL 6611 A 1000, TL 6612 A 1000 LED, TL 6632 A 1000 GLASS

Modern aluminum filter is an integral part of a kitchen hood. Perfelli grease filters are present in every hood and allow you to effectively clean the air, as well as prevent engine contamination and prevent grease particles from settling on furniture. Unpleasant smell, grease, dust and soot, during the operation of the hood, remain on the filter, preventing their spread and contamination of the kitchen. This is why the aluminum filter should be cleaned well as the hood is used.


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For a series of hoods Perfelli
TL 6611 A 1000 BL. TL 6611 A 1000 DARK IV. TL 6611 A 1000 I. TL 6611 A 1000 IV. TL 6611 A 1000 W. TL 6612 A 1000 BL LED. TL 6612 A 1000 I LED. TL 6612 A 1000 IV LED. TL 6612 A 1000 W LED. TL 6632 A 1000 BL GLASS. TL 6632 A 1000 W GLASS
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