Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BI 7453 I 850 LED


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Fully built-in Hood Perfelli BI 7453 I 850 LED


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Main characteristics

The fully integrated Perfelli BI 7453 I 850 LED hood is a model that performs its functions perfectly in minutes. Cleans the air from unpleasant odors and evaporation during and after cooking. And also maintains freshness in the room.

In addition to the main task, such hoods will perform an ergonomic function and allow you to rationally use the space in the area above the hob. This model of hood will not limit you in choosing the style of your kitchen. It will perfectly complement any interior, even in diametrically opposed styles.

Full-built hoods differ not only in design, but also in their configuration. It includes:

-motor - 100 W;
-noise level does not exceed 64dB;
-filter (carbon) - is responsible for air purification (it can be purchased separately);
- the filter (aluminum with corrosion-proof perforation) - detains soot and evaporation;
-simple and reliable mechanical control;
-modern LED lighting.

This hood can work in two modes:

1) Air extraction mode.
2) Recirculation mode.


We offer you a full-fledged model of the hood, which can be combined with any design without disturbing the harmony of the interior. In most cases, such models are mounted in a hinged cabinet, so the main elements of the hood are invisible.

Lighting and speed

Kitchen hood Perfelli BI 7453 I 850 LED works at three different speeds, which allows you to choose the right one depending on air pollution.

- The first speed provides the lowest productivity, and therefore is used when the air gets a minimum of pollution - for example, at slow cooking, extinguishing or languishing under a cover.
- The second speed, respectively, the second is included in most cases and is designed for the average cooking on two burners without thick clubs of steam and smoke.
- The third speed is activated in the process of intensive cooking with lots of soot and soot.

The modern lighting solution is represented by two LED lamps of 1.5 W. The backlight is comfortable for the eyes and works as an additional light source in the kitchen. The service life of LEDs is many times greater than conventional lamps, and energy consumption is minimal. In addition, LEDs withstand active use very well.

Convenient and reliable mechanical control of the hood will allow you to easily use it for many years.


Data sheet

picture_as_pdf BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

Microfiche BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

picture_as_pdf BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

Energy card BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

picture_as_pdf Manual BI 5453_7453 850 LED strip

Manual BI 5453_7453 850 LED strip

Type of hood
Fully built-in
Type of installation
Built in
Stainless steel
Control type
LED 2x1.5 W
Filter type
Aluminum filter with stainless perforation
Number of speeds
Operation mode
Air exhaust / recirculation
Maximum performance, m³/h — (with free air outlet)

Maximum performance

(with free air outlet) - the indicator is calculated without taking into account the connection of the device to the duct, the length / material / diameter of the duct and in the absence of corrugation and box.

Noise level, dB
The diameter of the hole of the duct, cm
Country of Manufacture
Hood Check valve Mounting kit Cord with plug Energy card Microfiche Instructions Warranty card
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Dimensions without packaging (WxHxD), cm
Packing dimensions (WxHxD), cm
Warranty, month
Motor power, W


BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

Microfiche BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

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BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

Energy card BI 7453 I 850 LED Strip

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Manual BI 5453_7453 850 LED strip

Manual BI 5453_7453 850 LED strip

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